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Value-Add Closed-End Overview

Our value-add closed-end strategy focuses on creating diversified real estate portfolios to generate strong cash flow and benefits from intensive property-level asset management. We seek real estate investments with characteristics that allow us to dynamically add value over time, maximizing both income and property value while also protecting cash flow and moderating overall portfolio risk.


Industrial, multifamily, retail, and office

Our value-add strategy invests in four main property types: industrial, multifamily, retail, and office, with an emphasis on industrial and multifamily holdings

Small to medium-sized investments

Our value-add strategy is focused on small to medium-sized investments, with an average asset size of approximately $25-$30 million

In key U.S. markets

TA Realty has experience investing across approximately 30+ markets throughout the United States

Moderate leverage

Our value-add strategy builds portfolios with moderate leverage, capped at 50% loan-to-value