Investment Approach

Managed, acquired, or invested over $39 billion since 1982¹
Value-add closed-end strategy: $5.9 billion currently managed¹
Core open-end strategy: $8.9 billion in current gross asset value¹
Customized separate/advisory accounts: $4.3 billion in current gross assets¹

Our investment approach


TA Realty is focused exclusively on private real estate investment in the United States, with deep expertise in acquiring, developing, managing, and selling real assets.


Our goal is to build U.S. real estate portfolios diversified both by geography and property type, creating a balanced risk / return profile—and giving us the flexibility to successfully respond to changing capital market and real estate environments.


To read more about our approach to investing, please review our case studies.

Value-Add Closed-End Strategy

TA Realty sponsors and manages value‐add closed-end real estate strategy, with approximately $5.9 billion in gross assets under management.


Our value-add investment approach focuses on creating diversified real estate portfolios to generate strong cash flow, and benefits from intensive property level asset management.

Core Open-End Strategy

TA Realty’s core open-end strategy leverages our decades of real estate experience to construct and operate a well-diversified portfolio of institutional-quality, core real estate holdings in major U.S. metropolitan areas, with an emphasis on steady income generation.


Since 2019, TA Realty’s core open-end strategy has reported to GRESB annually.


Customized Separate / Advisory Accounts

TA Realty develops customized investment plans to meet our clients’ objectives. Our experienced real estate professionals work closely with each client through acquisition, asset management, and disposition of assets.


Our investment parameters vary based on each client’s expressed objectives around strategy, transaction size, geographic focus, property type, and leverage position.

Featured Case Studies