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Established in 1982, TA Realty is one of the largest and most experienced privately held real estate advisors in the United States. TA Realty manages 91 million square feet of commercial real estate and 12,300 residential units located in 35 markets nationwide. TA Realty's strong risk-adjusted returns through multiple cycles have established the firm as one of the premier real estate advisors in the country.  TA Realty's funds I-V were disposed and liquidated on schedule.

TA Realty's commingled funds share the same philosophy, strategy and objectives in addition to investor types, fund structure and expected life.  The objective of the funds is to obtain the highest possible risk-adjusted returns through a value-added strategy focusing on small to medium-sized office, industrial, multifamily and retail property types purchased at or below replacement cost. TA Realty seeks to convert these opportunities into cash flow and thereby increase distributions to investors, optimizing cash flow multiples and IRR.