TA Realty’s commitment to sustainability embraces a holistic ESG approach with socially responsible actions that contain both near and long-term perspectives regarding investment criteria and portfolio management processes. TA Realty views ESG investing as an additional tool through which value can be driven to investors. Upon investment acquisition and hold period, ESG considerations and efficiencies are part of the underwriting process and ownership strategy.  The Firm’s ESG objectives include the following:


  • Environment

Reduction of utility consumption and carbon footprint through continued improvement on building efficiencies of existing assets while considering improvement opportunities for new investments.


  • Social

Foster an environment of respectful engagement, diversity, and well-being focused at the corporate level to deliver better work environments for tenants, management of assets and returns to investors.


  • Governance

Promote a culture of corporate responsibility, accountability, equality, and transparency among employees, clients, and investors.


TA Realty recognizes the environmental responsibilities we all share as a fundamental core value of our business and, therefore, is engaged in the continual improvement of our sustainability practices across the organization and within portfolios of assets we manage. Sustainability is a tool through which we drive value for investors by integrating sustainability analysis and initiatives focused on the life cycle of an investment relative to its geographical submarkets and the tenant community it serves.


Accordingly, we have benchmarked our energy usage at our office assets. This will allow us to continue to pursue energy, water and waste conservation initiatives as we strive to reduce our carbon footprint. As a fiduciary, the selection of initiatives involves thoughtful analysis at multiple levels of investment and “double bottom line” expected results, thereby reducing the impact our assets have on the environment while also seeking to increase the absolute return to our investors. The Firm often uses third-party experts in the environmental and sustainability field to help us make these critical decisions and optimize results.


Additional details on TA Realty’s ESG Program will be coming soon.